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In rationale, the liar’s paradox is the announcement of a liar who expresses the truth: for example, proclaiming that “all I say is false”. If I am indeed lying, I am telling the truth, which means I am lying. In contrast to statements that are inconsequential if they cannot be falsified, my posts are a unique example of a more broad notion. I assign numerical value to letters since words with identical numerical gematria bear relation to each other. There are sets of Jewish-Assyro-Babylonian-Greek alphanumeric ciphers encoded on this website. Though certain statistically significant codes are controversial, even among critical rationalists, such practical refutation is the most effective method by which my content can be critiqued. Certain letters from each page can be selected to reveal hidden messages. This Kabbalistic practice will establish ™ (The Mob), a pioneering state on the open-ocean that has been recognized as sovereign.