Redefining The Virtual Assistant

Who is Michael Anthony Alberta? Maybe he never existed… Perhaps you created him a long time ago? Is he merely a Virtual Assistant?

On the surface… I’ve authored 2 books, Body Art Learners Guide and Leaving a Mark. I was the first person to put harmonic codes in body piercing jewelry through quantum technology. I developed a software application ,Dbai V 1.618, that turns my jewelry line into a palatable holistic modality. I’ve acquired the necessary skills in order to call myself a master piercer/licensed tattoo artist; with several certifications and apprenticeships under my belt. As a Virtual Assistant, I am fluent in several expert-level graphic design programs. I can edit video and audio in practically every/any way, shape and form.

I know how to build websites from the ground and equip them with any feature you can possibly conceive of. More importantly, I know what it takes to market them toward the top page of any search engine within your targeted keywords. I fully grasp the leading social networks and understand how to use the best platforms in order to maximize engagement while saving hours a day through cross posting and automated strategies. As a professional Virtual Assistant, I have become proficient with the Google infrastructure, allowing me to utilize their apps in ways that relieve businesses on multiple dimensions.

I comprehend the Virtual Assistantdynamics of outsourcing on a corporate level, awarding myself and those I work for freedom of time and location.  I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s open to Affiliates, Partners and Investors at any capacity.

Ultimately, I’m an all encompassing virtual assistant that has mastered essentially every facet of the modern day business model. I’m not only here to help your projects grow but welcome you to grow with mine as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the rest of my site. Virtual Assistant