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Michael Anthony Alberta

Michael Anthony Alberta interviewed by Arron Franz.

Sonia Barrett interviews Michael Anthony Alberta.

Michael Anthony Alberta Talks Transhumanism, Aliens With Artist Magali Boehlen
Miami’s Extreme Body Modifiers Brave Social Stigma and Legal Action to Pursue Their Passion

My schedule varies really ,the time i spend completing tasks are fluid. I usually wake up, I meditate, and I make all calls and complete all daily personal and business goals that have been highlighted the night before. Then I workout, take a walk. I love to experience silence with no activity periodically. I concentrate on bringing my spirit down to the heart from the mind. It’s so important to come from the heart and not the mind I try to demand clarity of thoughts, especially the ones that sidetrack me so that I can eliminate them. There are several pathways for this, the PG version is journaling. I constantly remind myself that my conduct must be immaculate, even though I fall short sometimes.

Often ask myself “am I inventing things to do to prevent the important”, this helps me stay focused on each day’s most important goals. A personal trainer friend of mine once told me. Do your best and what? Forget the rest. I try to avoid judgments, talking shit about everything can really wear me down. I found it is much easier to be critical than correct. I laugh at my quirks all the time and I usually do not take myself too seriously- unless, of course, its business related. I am a creative, strong, attractive, intelligent, compassionate, and dynamic young man. I am a loyal friend who chooses not to seek ill will towards any of our universe’s creations. I am successful at whatever i do. I am working toward my goals knowing i make everyone’s lives better because of their completion. I am Michael Anthony Alberta, don’t fuck with me.

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