Media Kit For Michael Anthony Alberta

Michael Anthony Alberta

Michael Anthony Alberta interviewed by Arron Franz.

Sonia Barrett interview.

Michael Anthony Alberta Talks Transhumanism, Aliens With Artist Magali Boehlen
Miami’s Extreme Body Modifiers Brave Social Stigma and Legal Action to Pursue Their Passion

My birth was a result of Education getting raped by Intelligence. I am a universal vaccine formed by an altered progeny of the virus. 

“Michael Anthony Alberta, we wish you were back in South Beach, our crime rate was down. You cleaned up our streets in ways we can’t” – MBPD

“Michael Anthony Alberta, we’re drug testing you next month, so make sure you’re clean” -Probation

“Michael Anthony Alberta, we need you to prevent a riot between the Black and Hispanic inmates, talk to them..Please” -Corrections

“Michael Anthony Alberta, you are more aware of yourself and the rest of humanity than anyone we have ever seen, including our staff” – Psychologist and Psychiatrist

Mental Illness can be a gorgeous gift. This is a very real situation. CT scans and blood work help us identify it. Math doesn’t lie- people do. Do not allow yourself to get classified incorrectly. If you been diagnosed with one like myself. Laugh at your quirks and don’t buy into the mental constructs that label us. Steer it correctly and you’ll become a genius, artist or writer. 

I take my Jewish culture very seriously and would consider myself a Zionist by most definitions. Just to be clear, the Khazar theory is a lie. Easily roved by DNA. Jews from Europe are descendants of Jews from Rome who were taken to Rome as slaves and servants by Romans. Hence, Ashkenazi Jews are real descendants of Israeli Jews. We come in all shapes, sizes and colors. A modern theory, that the core of Ashkenazi Jewry emerged from a hypothetical Khazarian Jewish diaspora, is now viewed with skepticism by most scholars.

People are earning a living off claims Jews run the world. Do you actually think we know our managers real last name? Out of all the secret societies somehow we decided that the Illuminati, or whoever the fuck, are the bad guys….Conveniently, the last names we read about are Jewish. A people that has been persecuted for centuries by the ruling elite. 

From a religious angle, we know Abrahamic “holy” books contain many “moral” laws and views. Some of which are based on superstition. Hence, why you need to have faith in them to “believe”. Although science is limited to what the human senses can observe, I put my faith in science before any religion. Nonetheless there is a creator and I, despite my inflated ego, doubt I am that creative.

Anyway, I wonder if God loves shark attacks as much as I do…

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