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Archetypal Timelines

Tailor-Made Archetypal Timelines

Cosmological natural selection is falsifiable. Archetypal Timelines are digitally produced as a Google Doc which can then be articulated as an Illuminated Manuscript, …

Illuminated manuscripts

One-Of-A-Kind Illuminated Manuscripts

String Theory landscape is not falsifiable if other universes aren’t observable. The noteworthiness of Illuminated manuscripts lie in their intrinsic masterful proficiency …

Private Consulatancy

Private Consultancy On-Demand

My proposals are based upon irregularities between verifiability and falsifiability; such private consultancy impacts security (electronic or physical), administration, instruction, bookkeeping, law, showcasing, …


Web development and Marketing

Unfalsifiable assertions are crucial in science. Contrary to natural insight, they can be embedded in — and deductively be brought about by …


Virtual Assistance (shortened VA)

The age-old theoretical and unfalsifiable concept of the existence of atoms has led to corresponding falsifiable modern theories. I am independently employed to you …