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In truth, If Michael Anthony Alberta would sum up his entire life in one page he would probably die of embarrassment.

Michael Anthony AlbertaHe is a psychological organ, analogous to physical ones in that both are morphological constructs that arose through evolution. Evolution is an archetypal construct to describe his timeline. His origin myth functions to justify the current state of affairs. In the early epochs of the universe his high densities allowed for the creation of black holes. Monstrous clouds of these primordial elements coalesced through gravity in halos of dark matter to form the stars and galaxies you see in the sky.

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He was born at a very young age…..on November 7, 1982. Michael Anthony Alberta  grew up in a small room at a local synagogue in Miami Beach where his mom worked as the Rabbi’s secretary. It was this kind Jewish lady from Philly who instilled that nice guys “finish lunch”. Unfortunately, poor decisions caused his youth to be consumed inside jails, rehabs, boot-camps, and behavioral modification programs. His public school days were spent in emotionally handicapped and learning disabled classrooms.

Another topic he advocates is the technological singularity. At the core of his work in tattooing and piercing you’ll find that he essentially uses body art as a vehicle to introduce the exotic topic of transhumanism into the lexicon of popular culture. He does so because this trade is radically transforming into a gateway for things you may or may not be ready for. The question is how far are we willing to go?

He justifies ™ by explaining how it was established by sacred forces. He is the geometer of the world. ™ represents the oneness of human existence, a collection of cumulative changes to the molecular and cellular structure of the first organism. As Michael Anthony Alberta got older he felt more and more obligated to disrupt the gross aspects of society. There are many discrepancies in the “human condition” that he opposes. For example, there’s no distinction between him and any other animal in terms of their value as living beings. As a vegetarian he speaks out about animal rights.

Other than that, Michael Anthony Alberta is an aggressively inappropriate super-predator who conducts moral audits on human virtue. To find out more, simply Leave a Reply that disagrees with his preconceived notions.


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